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Welcome to SafeHaven's chat room. This chat room is a private place where we can share our feelings with one another; reach out for help when we're hurting and feel alone; and to encourage and support each other. It's also a place where those who are considering abortion can speak directly with those who have chosen abortion in the past. It is a place where we can "be there" for each other in a safe environment.

Most everyone who comes here has been hurt by abortion, so no one is going to judge or condemn you here. We are here to help and to let you know you don't have to go through this alone.

If you would like more information about our staff and volunteers before joining a chat, please click here. You may also email us privately.

Safety Tips for Chat Rooms Minimize

1. Never give out any personal information.  This includes your real name, telephone/cell phone number, email address, mailing addres,MySpace/Facebook pages or any other identifiable information.

2. Never agree to meet someone offline that you only know through chat room conversations. We understand the desire to talk to someone face to face that understands and appears safe.  If you feel the need to talk to someone in person, please discuss this with a SafeHaven Moderator.

3. Be wary of other chatters who want to meet in private chat rooms or instant messengers.  Again, it is best to side on the error of caution.  If you want to talk to someone privately, we suggest that you contact a SafeHaven Moderator.  During moderated chat times, private chat is available in all of our chat rooms ONLY with the Moderators. 

4. Do not use language or terminology that may be offensive to others. The chat room moderator(s) will kick out or ban a user if they see inappropriate behavior

5. Report any problems to the Chat Room Moderator immediately or by email if no moderators are online.  Repeated offenders will be banned from using our chat rooms.

Please visit our "Meet Moderators and Staff" Page for contact information.

Please Note:

The chatroom will be temporarliy down.  Will post an update soon.  Thank you for your understanding.





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Please Note:

SafeHaven is an information site, not a professional counseling site.  Our thoughts and opinions are our own, based on the Word of God.  We are not licensed counselors, and as such, are not responsible for the actions performed by any person as a result of anything written within or related to SafeHaven.  By using this service, you agree to these terms.  All submissions become the property of SafeHaven.

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